Sunday, August 14, 2011

Husband's 35th birthday cake

So Monday was the hub's birthday and he has requested that I make him a chocolate cake ... with nuts.  So I'm not a big fan of nuts.  So I decided to incorporate them on the outside of the cake .... so I can opt not to eat them if I wanted ...

I ended up making a fudgey chocolate cake with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream filling and a chocolate ganache frosting on the outside ... all covered with almonds.  It's a three layer cake and we will be cutting into it tomorrow, so I'll photos of the guts of the cake tomorrow.  I had left over batter because I doubled my normal chocolate cake recipe so I could bake off a few cupcakes for my neighbor's kid (who is like a demon child that screams and throws temper tantrums at all hours of the day). 

cake on stand1 cake on stand cake birds eye

The chocolate ganache could have been smoother ... I could have toasted the almonds longer .... and I should have doubled up on the swiss meringue buttercream, but the cake itself has such a good moist crumb, I didn't want to over-do it with frosting.  Besides, I was also doing laundry and cooking off a few sides for the hub's dinner.  I'm so OCD and anal with cakes for people who order them for parties ... that I tend to shy away from perfectionism when it comes to baked goods for just us.  But it came out pretty smashing anyways, despite the fact that it was boiling hot in the kitchen from having my oven going all day and the buttercream was having a hard time holding up. 
cupcake3 cupcake2
With the leftover vanilla buttercream and chocolate cake batter, I whipped up a few cupcakes to share with neighbors.  There's nothing better than chocolate and vanilla.  Yum.

On a totally different subject ... the basil I started growing (from seedlings) have been thriving.
basil seedling basil growing basil growing1
They've sprouted and look so pretty on my window.  I'm also growing lavender as well.  Once they develop roots, I'll be replanting them into a bigger planter.  Till then, they're the cutest little budlings!
leaf in cup leaf root
Remember how I mentioned I like to "regenerate" plants?  Well, I've been growing this little pruned branch in a cup with only water for about a month.  Can you see the roots starting to grow?  In about another 2 months or so, I'll be able to plant him into soil. 

So much to do .. so little time.  Between trying to organize our home (still!) and tending to my plants .. I've been busy busy busy.  It doesn't help that work decided to block off xanga and a whole lot of other sites so I've been limited to accessing xanga at home.  And really, once I get home I don't like to sit in front of the computer; I mean .. I do that all day as it is!


  1. What an absolutely beautiful cake, your hubby is a very lucky man indeed :) and your photos are simply...perfect! That last one especially is so gorgeous. ive been trying to regenerate a spring onion (green onion) that we ate the other day by putting the rooty end in hasnt worked yet...haha :) lovely post!